About Your NWT Conservative Association

About our Candidate

Yanik D’Aigle is the Conservative Party of Canada candidate for the riding of the Northwest Territories for the upcoming federal election expected to be held on Monday, October 21st 2019.

Yanik is a well-recognized, committed and engaged member of the NWT community. Through his years in the North he has served on the executive for the Yellowknife Rotary Club and the NWT Chamber of Commerce as well was a Board member of the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce. In addition, Yanik is involved with a number of local charities, including the NWT Disabilities Council, Skills Canada NWT, and United Way NWT. Being out and about in the community all of the time, he is often recognized as the bow tie banker due the variety of bow ties he wears and his passion with helping people and businesses across the north with their financial matters. With over 25 years of professional experience under his belt, Yanik brings with him extensive knowledge in service, training, leadership, finance, digital implementation, compliance and operational oversight that will serve him and the NWT as a Member of Parliament in Ottawa representing Northerners.

If elected, through the Conservative Party of Canada platform, Yanik will work to remove the GST from home heating bills and to repeal the recently implemented carbon tax. He is also looking to be part of the team that will enable the residents of the NWT to keep all of the royalties generated from mineral resources in the NWT and fight to ensure Canadian arctic sovereignty.